Wusthof Classic Ikon 8 Inch Chef’s Knife Review

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Wusthof Classic Ikon 8-Inch

Ask any random line cook what a decent knife is, and chances are strong that he will recommend a Wusthof Ikon.


  • Unique handle (that’s comfortable for some people)
  • Tough blade that’s easy to maintain
  • Looks pretty nice overall


  • Average edge retention
  • Corners of spine are a little sharp
  • A little unwieldy in smaller hands
Wusthof Classic Ikon

The Wusthof Ikon is a traditional chef’s knife in terms of knife profile. The knife itself is exactly what we expect from a western-style chef’s knife. 

Wusthof ”Ikon” Classic Balance point

Compared to the Japanese “fusion” and “traditional” Gyuto variants, the western-style Chef’s knife is typically heavier. The pinch grip is the basic gripping technique that is advised. Our preferred cutting method is the “rocking” action because it is a western chef’s knife. Since the weight of the knife helps with the cutting force, I want it to be back heavy to accommodate the rocking action. The knife will feel heavy in your hand if you tightly grasp the handle, cap, or blade.


Wusthof Ikon Handle Design

The new Wusthof Ikon knife’s handle design is what makes it interesting. If you actually use a pinch grip with the handle, the design of the handle is an improvement. Comparing prices, the Wusthof Classic is a better choice over the “Ikon” if you are used to pinch gripping the blade. 


Wusthof Ikon Handle Design

X50CrMoV15 steel is used in Wusthof’s premium series. Stainless steel is the type of steel that this is. The Rockwell hardness is 58, which is good for heavy-duty work because it won’t chip.

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