Samsonite’s Freeform Hardside Spinner: Most Recommended Carry-on Luggage

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Samsonite’s Freeform Spinner

Expandable spinner suitcases measuring 21, 24, and 28 inches are available in Samsonite’s Freeform Hardside Luggage line. The 21-inch (carry-on) version was recently tested alongside 39 other top-performing carry-on luggage items. The Freeform performed better than all other suitcases during the tests.


  • Lightweight & durable
  • Easy to pack and organise
  • Smooth spinner wheels


  • Scuffs easily
  • TSA-lock can be fiddly

Materials And Design

Polypropylene injection molding, which is exceptionally lightweight, is used to create the Freeform. The 28″ suitcase, which weighs less than 10lbs, is another indicator of that. This is significant because it implies that you may cram more goods inside the luggage and still stay under the 50-pound weight restriction for checked baggage. You don’t have to worry about the contents of your luggage being wet in the rain because this material is also moisture resistant.

The fact that polypropylene scratches too quickly is not so ideal. Because of this, don’t be shocked if your Freeform gets scratched up after your first trip; that’s the cost of having such a lightweight case. But since this material is so strong, you probably won’t experience any other kinds of harm.

The Freeform comes with a zipper for the closure. You may not be aware that burglars can open your zippered bag by inserting a ballpoint pen between the zips. I only favor baggage with latch closing for that reason. However, don’t allow my personal preferences influence your choice; the TSA lock should be more than capable of keeping the contents of your suitcase safe.


Let’s have a brief discussion on the suitcase’s appearance. With the Samsonite emblem placed thoughtfully in the middle, the shell sports a ribbed pattern. The Freeform’s inside decorations (the zipper and straps, in particular) match the color of the case’s shell, which I find to be a nice touch. I appreciate that it’s available on Amazon in 3 distinct hues, with Sage Green being my top pick.

Telescopic Wheel Handle And Carry Handles

There is a button on the telescopic wheel handle that, when pressed, locks the handle’s position. Everyone may set it to the height that works best for them because it can be locked at a variety of heights. Furthermore, it can be locked after it is fully lowered, eliminating the possibility of the handle coming undone when the case is flat.

I discovered some folks had problems with the Freeform locking into position and being excessively unsteady while reading numerous reviews of it. So, when receiving it, make sure to double-check that just in case.

Double Spinner Wheels

Double spinner wheels are included in Samsonite’s Freeform, as they should be. I don’t even give the luggage that doesn’t have spinner wheels a second thought because it’s the 21st century! No matter how much weight you manage to fit into the luggage, they will still give you excellent maneuverability and steering.

The term “spinner” refers to wheels that can each rotate 360 degrees. As a result, you don’t need to tilt your suitcase to turn the wheels. In fact, you can do whatever you want with it. You can roll it alongside you or push it in front of you. You know what else, too? Your shoulders and arms will be significantly less taxed because you won’t have to tilt and drag the bags. You won’t ever have back pain from pulling your suitcase behind you again thanks to the Freeform.

Inside The Samsonite Freeform

Inside The Samsonite Freeform

There are two fabric-lined packing compartments available when you open the Freeform.

You’ll discover one zippered pocket and elastic cross straps for holding your clothing in place in the bottom compartment. The pocket is a fantastic addition because it really facilitates maintaining organization when traveling.

The top compartment has a zipped barrier that allows it to be completely closed off. With this, you can rest assured that everything in your luggage will stay put and there won’t be any risk of anything spilling out. The divider also has a sizable zippered pocket that you may utilize to store anything you want to keep separate.

Should You Go For The Samsonite Freeform?

The Freeform is an excellent piece of baggage all around. It is comprised of a durable material that has the advantage of being incredibly light. The only issue you might have with the suitcase’s exterior is how easy it will be scratched. Nevertheless, by purchasing a clear cover for it, you may quickly resolve that problem.

You’ll also appreciate using this suitcase to pack your clothes because it allows you to organize every small thing. Additionally, the zipped divider will guarantee that everything remains in its precise location.

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