Best men’s dress socks: cool and comfortable

Best Dress Socks

You’re mistaken if you believe that socks are an optional component of your attire. Your socks are the foundation of your outfit, and the style you choose subtly conveys how you want to present yourself. Crew socks and ankle socks are excellent for activities like going to the gym or casual gatherings, but they are […]

Best boxer briefs that don’t ride up: comfy & breathable

There are many valid reasons why most American men wear boxer briefs rather than briefs or boxers underneath their jeans and chinos. The hybrid look combines boxers’ thigh coverage with the added support provided by briefs. Additionally, unlike boxers, they don’t bunch up under pants, which is a key point for men who prefer to […]

Best towels: soft and good quality

best towels

Having a really good bath towel can change how you feel when you take a shower every day. Your towel should be soft on your skin, dry you fast, and stay strong even after lots of washes, so it doesn’t become rough. It’s also good if it can dry fast itself to stop mold and […]