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The significance of a top-tier gaming headset in enhancing your gaming setup is surprisingly profound. The quality of game audio can significantly influence your gaming experience, contributing to a heightened sense of immersion. Immerse yourself in the game world exactly as intended by developers by enveloping yourself in a rich and intricate soundscape, an unparalleled experience that can’t be replicated.

The headsets featured in this list are carefully selected from a pool of options that our PC Gamer hardware team, along with myself, have rigorously tested. Drawing upon decades of combined experience with audio equipment, we’ve identified the top gaming headsets that cater to gamers on both ends of the budget spectrum. These premium headsets offer exceptional sound quality and avoid the pitfall of excessive low frequencies that often result in lackluster bass response. 

The best gaming headsets provide well-balanced drivers, requiring minimal user adjustments and won’t necessitate a hefty investment. Notably, the Razer Blackshark V2 emerges as the best gaming headset, offering remarkable affordability and exceptional sound quality while fulfilling most gamers’ requirements. For those seeking wireless freedom, the top wireless gaming headset is the HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless, providing nearly identical audio quality to its wired counterpart and an impressive 300 hours of battery life.

Best Gaming Headset 2023:

Razer BlackShark V2

Wireless: No

Drivers: 50mm, Razer TriForce, Titanium

Connectivity: 3.5mm, USB soundcard

Frequency response: 12Hz – 28,000Hz

Features: Detachable noise-cancelling mic, in-line cable controls


  • Restrained styling
  • Comfortable
  • Great audio
  • Often under $100


  • Cable hardwired into headset
  • Mic doesn’t retract

Dethroning the HyperX Cloud Alpha from its top position was a challenging task, but Razer’s BlackShark V2 gaming headset has achieved this with its exceptional audio quality, affordability, and user-friendly software. The BlackShark V2’s main focus has always been its audio quality, and its 50mm TriForce Titanium drivers, designed with discrete ports to separate bass, mid, and treble tones, result in a sound quality that rivals HyperX’s impressive Cloud Alpha headset.

These drivers pay homage to HyperX’s design but deliver an equally impressive audio experience. The BlackShark V2, priced at just $100, surprises with its level of auditory clarity. While the HyperX Cloud Alpha may offer slightly better separation of high frequencies, especially with THX software enabled, the BlackShark V2 excels with rich mids and velvety bass notes that are uniquely its own.

SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless

Drivers: 40mm custom drivers

Impedance: 38 Ohms

Connectivity: (Simultaneous) Wireless 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth 5.0

Frequency response: 10 – 22,000Hz


  • Very comfortable
  • Fully-retractable microphone
  • Swappable battery system
  • Very good audio quality


  • Expensive
  • Comes with base station, not GameDAC Gen 2
  • Not super intuitive

The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless headset may come with a higher price tag, but it unquestionably justifies the investment. This stylish headset is brimming with an impressive array of features, making it challenging to decide where to begin. Let’s begin with its gaming capabilities: it offers multi-system connectivity through its wireless base station, boasts a virtually limitless battery life due to its interchangeable battery system, and features an exceptionally adaptable design that is so lightweight and comfortable that you’ll often forget you’re wearing it.

The Nova Pro Wireless delivers exceptional audio quality and is equipped with custom-designed 40mm drivers that support hi-fi audio reproduction. However, to fully experience the headset’s impressive 10 to 40,000 Hz frequency response, you will need a wired connection and a DAC. Its immersive and layered sound isn’t limited to gaming; this headset excels with all kinds of audio content. Moreover, it includes a retractable bidirectional noise-canceling microphone, active noise canceling with an optional transparency mode, and the ability to simultaneously connect via 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth 5.0, allowing for audio mixing.

This headset is a versatile performer, excelling not only in PC and console gaming but also in video chatting and catering to audiophiles seeking high-quality listening experiences. The Nova Pro Wireless is ambitious in its offerings, and it unquestionably lives up to its promises. However, if this model doesn’t fit within your budget, the Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha is a solid choice under $100, offering excellent audio quality and a comfortable fit.

Corsair HS55 Stereo

Wireless: No

Drivers: 50mm, Neodymium magnets

Connectivity: 3.5mm

Frequency response: 20Hz – 20,000Hz

Features: Flip-up mic


  • Superb microphone quality
  • Flip-up mic arm
  • Light and comfortable
  • Good value


  • Mic arm can be fiddly at times
  • Older HS50 feels a touch more premium

The HS55 headset offers superior comfort compared to Corsair’s previous budget models. The plush earcups of the HS55 are a noticeable upgrade from the stiff and unyielding foam of the HS50. Weighing just 284g, the HS55’s lighter design greatly enhances comfort during extended usage. I wore these for nearly a week, 8 hours a day, without any discomfort, though they can become a bit sweaty on hot days due to the leatherette material commonly found in gaming headsets in this price range.

The most significant improvement is the microphone arm, now permanently attached to the left earcup and easily flipped up when not in use. This is a notable enhancement over the previous HS50, which had a detachable mic with a 3.5mm jack. The microphone’s quality is impressive, capturing the subtle nuances and clarity of the user’s voice. Even the lower vocal ranges are well-represented, making it an excellent choice for a budget headset.

It’s essential to note that this is a 3.5mm wired headset, and the microphone and audio quality may be influenced by the quality of your motherboard’s DAC/amp or any sound card or external device you connect it to. While most motherboards offer decent audio quality nowadays, it’s worth considering your overall audio setup.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless

Wireless: Yes

Drivers: Dynamic, 50mm with neodymium magnets

Connectivity: 2.4GHz wireless dongle

Frequency response: 15–21,000Hz

Features: Bi directional detachable mic


  • Battery life that can only be described as witchcraft
  • Excellent for listening to music
  • Precise, powerful audio is great for gaming
  • Very comfortable


  • Microphone isn’t up to par with the rest of the headset
  • They aren’t the loudest headphones

The HyperX Cloud Alpha has earned high praise among our team, and now, HyperX has introduced a wireless version of this beloved headset, featuring a standout feature: an impressive, extended battery life of up to 300 hours. Remarkably, this extended battery life doesn’t compromise the headset’s comfort or weight, making it a significant achievement for HyperX.

Upon unboxing, the unit displayed an approximate 80% charge, which intrigued me to observe its performance. I used the headset for an entire workday of music listening and found the battery level remained at around 80%. Over the past week, I’ve consistently used the headset for gaming and music, and the battery has yet to drop below 50%.

It’s worth noting that the remarkable battery life depends on the volume at which the headset is used, with volume being the only notable concern. While it offers ample volume, I can listen at full volume without discomfort. However, the sound quality is truly exceptional, especially for music. Listening to sound-rich songs on these headphones allows me to discern various instruments and details, making them one of the finest gaming headsets I’ve experienced for music enjoyment.

Beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro X

Wireless: No

Driver-type: STELLAR.45

Connectivity: 3.5mm & 6.35mm adapter for mini-XLR

Frequency response: 5–40,000Hz

Operating principle: Open back

Features: Velour earpads

Weight: 345g


  • Incredible audio performance
  • Supremely comfortable
  • Handsome and solid construction
  • Works with just about anything


  • No detachable or in-line mic
  • Initial clamping is too tight

The Beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro X, known for its excellence in critical audio tasks like listening, mixing, and audio mastering, also excels when it comes to gaming, providing all the essential features for an exceptional gaming headphone experience. To start, the build quality and comfort of these headphones are exceptional, offering a level of comfort that’s hard to match.

The oversized circular velour earpads provide an incredibly comfortable fit, ensuring that even bespectacled gamers can enjoy extended gaming sessions without discomfort. These pads, while exceptionally comfortable, are also replaceable, offering longevity to the headphones. The spring steel headband, equipped with memory foam padding, maintains a secure and comfortable fit, allowing for an excellent sound seal despite the open-back design. While the DT 900 Pro X isn’t as transparent as some open-back headphones, it provides a great balance.

Included with the headphones are two different cable lengths: a 3m cable and a shorter 1.8m cable suitable for console gamepads, Nintendo Switch, or smart devices. Notably, these cables are free of noise, addressing a concern present in the MMX 100 model. With a low power requirement of 48 ohms, the DT 900 Pro X can be used with a wide range of devices without the need for an amplifier. As an open-back headset, these headphones stand out for their surprisingly punchy audio quality, offering a well-tuned, flat audio profile that delivers exceptional sound across various genres, from classical to bass-heavy tracks. The precision of the DT 900 Pro X ensures that every element of the audio is clear and distinct, making them a superb choice for those who appreciate critical listening.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xSTS StreamSet

Wireless: No

Driver-type: 45mm Dynamic

Connectivity: USB Type-A w/ Type-C adapter, Analog XLR

Frequency response: 15–28,000Hz

Operating principle: Closed back

Features: Cardioid condenser mic

Weight: 330g


  • Best headset mic I’ve tried
  • Excellent cans too
  • Plug and play


  • No sound control on headset
  • Expensive for a wired headset

The majority of gaming headsets I’ve encountered tend to have subpar microphone quality. While they may suffice for in-game chats and casual conversations with friends, they often fall short when you need your voice to sound exceptional. Most gamers might not mind this compromise, prioritizing great sound quality over microphone excellence, especially if it means a more affordable price. However, many content creators, such as streamers, podcasters, and others, opt for dedicated desktop microphones to achieve higher-quality recordings.

Audio Technica’s new ATH-M50xSTS StreamSet headset disrupts this paradigm, proclaiming that you should invest in it instead. Priced at $229, this isn’t a budget headset, and that’s not its intent. It’s a high-end closed-back headset that offers an outstanding audio experience. With its lineage from the ATH-M50x, these headphones deliver exceptional sound quality, featuring a well-balanced audio profile that brings out intricate details in songs. While there’s a mild bias towards bass, the bright treble and warm tones create a captivating listening experience.

The StreamSet boasts minimal external controls, with a single button and a pressable scroll wheel that serves to deactivate monitor mode and adjust the volume for monitoring your own voice. The dedicated monitor controls enhance the monitoring experience and make it easier to gauge your voice’s quality. The StreamSet simplifies its design by not including additional buttons for audio adjustments, which are meant to be controlled through your PC. Despite a slight adjustment curve for controlling audio settings through your computer, the trade-off in simplicity is well worth it. The microphone in the ATH-M50xSTS StreamSet is truly outstanding, packing a cardioid condenser based on Audio Technica’s 20 Series microphones. It rivals the performance of desktop microphones but offers greater convenience. It excels during streaming sessions and may even be considered a superior alternative to traditional desktop microphone setups. This headset embraces simplicity, offering a plug-and-play experience with no driver installations or complex gamer software. It seamlessly works with various devices and is available in both USB and analog XLR versions to cater to different user preferences. Whether it’s sound quality or recording capabilities, this headset/microphone combination does not disappoint, making it a compelling choice that may relegate your desktop microphone to gathering dust.

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